Well done Adam&Eve/DDB and John Lewis!

I’d like to congratulate¬†Adam&Eve/DDB, the advertising agency behind the 2014 John Lewis Christmas advert. While I’m at it I suppose I had better congratulate John Lewis as well.

I haven’t seen the aforementioned advertisement because it’s, well, an advert. If it comes on the television and I don’t need a wee or decide to channel hop, I might see it at some point but I’m not about to go and find it on the internet purely for the purpose of seeing JL thrust at me via the medium of penguins that apparently retail at ¬£95 a pop.

Not that this seems to have stopped everyone from newspapers to FB users from talking endlessly about it and sharing it everywhere. Therein lies the congratulations- just as Coca Cola managed to make the “Holidays are coming” ad part of the Christmas experience, Adam&Eve/DDB and John Lewis have made an advert that is designed to sell stuff something people are talking about and even crying over.

I’m not entirely sure whether this is something to be applauded or whether I should be getting incredibly depressed about my fellow man.

Bah humbug and all that eh?

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