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Forgotten tech- the Archos 405

This year will mark the tenth anniversary of my first Archos media player purchase. The 405 wasn’t the first media player that Archos made by any stretch of the imagination. It was billed as the fifth generation player, but it … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn via Monty Python and the Holy Grail

When Ed Milliband lost the election for being unable to eat a bacon sandwich in a photogenic manner, much hand-wringing occurred. I rang my hands along with the rest of the nation. Much like the Brexit vote, there was a … Continue reading

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Bagged myself a few gaming bargains this Christmas

I genuinely think there’s never been a better time to own a console than right now. There have been previous generations that have been great fun but right now the combination of cheaper than ever consoles and heavily discounted games, … Continue reading

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Words that don’t mean “yeah”

I’ll happily admit that with predictive text and the speed at which I write, I often have a few typos in a lot of things I do. I might be 41 years old but I still haven’t quite mastered apostrophe’s … Continue reading

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The “Influencer” issue and Mafia III

Adweek ran a long article on the rise of Influencer marketing last year, as though it was a brand new concept and gave exciting/new opportunities for brands to reach out to consumers who are tired of seeing paid ads- apparently … Continue reading

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