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Hi Fi snobs- the next generation

When I was at university in the early/mid 90’s I came across a particular brand of Hi-Fi snob that I thought was peculiar to the times. These people would go to extraordinary lengths with their set ups- plugs were wired … Continue reading

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Into the Dragon- Bomb the Base

“There have been mixes and dance tracks put together in the past but none have the power to outrun or equal the Megablast!” I was 13 years old when I heard those immortal words uttered for the first time and … Continue reading

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Cover versions

I’m a fan of music as you may have noticed from some of the posts on the blog. My musical tastes span almost everything from the new folk revival of the 60’s, to ambient dance, all the way through heavy … Continue reading

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Rumours- Fleetwood Mac

I’ve been a bit of a closet Fleetwood Mac fan for around 20 years now and no, they weren’t cool then either. Fortunately I’m now at an age where cool doesn’t matter. Fleetwood Mac are named after the drummer Mick … Continue reading

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Sunday Night Music: Try Whistling This

Bit of a change in tone this week. If you were to say “Neil Finn”, most people if they knew would probably say, ooh, he’s one of those brothers from that 80’s band Crowded House. Post Crowded House though he … Continue reading

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