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I don’t tend to buy many magazines now days but when I did my cupboards were full of Q, Empire and FHM. Space, reading habits and time gradually robbed me of most of them but I still occasionally buy FHM. It was around pre-Loaded when men’s magazines had interviews with the likes of Dennis Hopper and articles on the merits of expensive leather shoes. Times have changed of course but FHM is still one of the better reads on the lads mag shelf of the news agents. You can tell this by the fact WH Smiths don’t package it in a silver plastic bag like they do with some others.

Anyway this month you can get £1 off FHM and have a shufty at the rather nifty free magazine FHM Bionic. It’s packed with tips to get (back) into shape after Christmas excess and contains tips from four rather top class sporting types, including Lionel Messi and Jessica Ennis.

Messi shares his training regime that keeps him fit and nippy enough to put Arsenal out of the Champions League every blinking time we meet them, which is no mean feat considering how fit the Arsenal squad is. To my mind there are a handful of footballers that have the stamina and energy that Messi has, the likes of Essien and Yaya Toure spring to mind immediately but there aren’t many. So unless Messi decides to share his hair styling tips with us, and lets face it, if he wasn’t a world class footballer he would probably get called a bit of a wally based on his looks, his tips and tricks should be a really interesting read.

Jessica Ennis  is something a bit rare in this country, a genuine world class athlete, in this instance a heptathlete. She talks about mental toughness and focus, which if I was to be brutally honest is probably a massive weakness of mine whenever it comes to achieving anything in terms of exercise. I can find the time, I have the gear but the mental preparation and willingness to endure it all is a bit lacking at times.

Reading articles on the internet is all very well but at least with a magazine you can read it in the loo, and that’s something I miss. The current issue of FHM is out now and I for one shall be purchasing it to have a thumb through in peace and quiet and maybe even kick start my post Christmas regime. You can find out more here

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