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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Blu Ray)

Stretching a kids book that’s shorter than any one of the three volumes of Lord of the Rings into 3 movies was always going to be a task and a half and there is plenty of padding and undue silliness … Continue reading

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Open letter to the chap in the blue Corsa

Dear Chap, I’m sorry I can’t address you in a more personal manner, you’ll understand that your request for me to stop my car and get out so you could give me smack made me a little reticent to stop … Continue reading

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In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, I keep on reading that I should respect other peoples opinions as a matter of course because it’s the polite thing to do. This is mostly coming from Leave voters who seem unprepared … Continue reading

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Brexit: A new Dark Age?

The Idea of a New Dark Age There is of course a lot of discussion about whether we had an actual Dark Age when the Roman Empire withdrew from these shores in the 5th century. Currently, it’s considered a bit … Continue reading

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My worst Brexit fears

Not that I’m one to panic or anything but I’m getting increasingly worried a Brexit will play out like this… It happened quickly. Quicker than the most pessimistic had estimated. Polling had closed at 10pm on the 23rd June and … Continue reading

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