George Osborne commits to “fight for full employment”

George Osborne has pledged to put jobs at the centre of the Conservatives’ general election campaign by fighting for “full employment” in Britain. The Chancellor said his “ambition” is for Britain to have “the highest employment rate of any of the world’s leading economies”.

Sounds a bit familiar eh? How about comparing it with these quotes:

  • “[The] worker will be saved from ruin with a concerted and all-embracing attack against unemployment.”*
  • [The] government “immediately launched an all-out assault on unemployment.  **
  • “They stimulated private industry through subsidies and tax rebates.”**
  • “[They] plunged into the massive public-works program.”**


The final one is a bit tenuous but I included it since there has just been a £35bn investment in the railways announced, so it’s sort of in there. The quotes? The first one is from a small Austrian chap with a Charlie Chaplin moustache, the rest from a noted American historian who wrote a lot on the matter of the small Austrian chap with a Charlie Chaplin moustache.

Basically then the Tory’s have based their general election campaign on the policies that saw Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party sweep to power in 1933. Reduce unemployment, stimulate the private sector through tax breaks and concessions. Fingers crossed it all stops there eh?



* A Hitler, “Aufruf an das deutsche Volk,” Feb. 1, 1933

**John Kenneth Galbraith, The Age of Uncertainty (1977)


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