Is your YouTube recommended full of crap like this?


I’m not a massive user of YouTube but I do like watching a few bits and bobs on it and occasionally binge watch movie trailers to keep up to date with the new releases. This means I get recommended channels like Screen Rant and New Rockstars, who do crap like the above (my take on it) all the sodding time.

Their stuff is popular- millions of views on most of their videos that use MSPaint and clickbaity titles. The problem is, the crap is spreading. It’s now littering websites that use Disqus or Outbrain. And those site that use Disqus or Outbrain are now starting to write their headlines and stories in a similar fashion- it’s as if the entirety of the internet is now being pitched at your average 14 year old video game obsessed virgin who thinks women are a mysterious different species.

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