The Walking Dead Compendium Volume 1

The Walking Dead then, bit of a change here, this ones a comic. I’m not going to call it a graphic novel or anything pretentious like that, it’s 1,000 odd pages of pure and unadulterated zombie awesomeness.

It follows a group of survivors of some sort of apocalypse- we’re left vague to what this is as the main character Rick is in a coma for it and wakes up in an empty hospital- as they struggle to survive the zombie aftermath.

As the story progresses it becomes less and less about the zombies, after all there are only a limited number of ways people can be ripped to pieces by the undead, and more and more about the relationships between the survivors and how utterly horrible people can be to each other.

It gets increasingly bleak as it progresses, dealing with death, madness and a desensitisation to violence amongst other recurring themes.

The art work veers between the great and the clunky but the story is what matters and it is great. It’s a £45 RRP but currently only £25 at Amazon. Buy it whilst it’s still in print.

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