Reset to Factory Defaults won’t work on my Kindle

kindle factory reset screenMy Kindle goes with me everywhere. I spend a lot of time at work (and at home) in front of a computer, so the e-ink screen on the Kindle gives my eyes a rest when I want to read a book. However I have had to factory reset my Kindle twice in the last few months. My wifi Kindle lost it’s wifi connection- it wouldn’t see any wifi networks and didn’t show a MAC address in the settings. This meant I could read the books on it but I couldn’t add any other books or read a book on multiple devices and sync my progress.

The first time this happened I was able to do a reset to factory defaults:

Menu->Settings->Menu->Reset to factory defaults

This resolved the issue. However it happened again and this second time, I couldn’t resolve the issue by selecting “Reset to Factory Defaults” because while it would allow me to navigate to the option, and confirm that I wanted to proceed, nothing happened.

A lot of googling later, I found a passing comment on a forum thread that revealed how to solve this most irritating problem.

To solve the issue of how to reset a Kindle when the Reset to Factory Defaults doesn’t work, all you have to do is once again delve into the settings and check the box that says “device password” (it’s on page 2). Set the password to whatever you want, then put the device to sleep. On wake up enter “resetmykindle” as your password (or “111222777” on a Paperwhite from what I’ve read but I haven’t tried this myself). This will start a reset. When I did this, my wifi was working again and I was able to set up and sync the device with no issues!

If this has been helpful for you, you might like to consider adding some kindle books to your now functioning kindle via my affiliate link to the kindle store

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  • Thank you so much. It seems like a huge security hole that anyone can do this on a secured device? In any case, it fixed my problem so thank you!

  • Viv

    Awesome help!

  • Pia

    Thank you so much for this! Really grateful that you’ve shared it! Saved me a lot of Kindle-based heartache 🙂

  • Elaine

    Oh my god 🙂 you have just saved my dad £90… I have searched everywhere to try and find out why his kindle wouldn’t connect to the wifi anymore, wouldn’t do a factory reset etc etc. and I am no techy newbee but I was tearing my hair out.

    2 minutes on your site and Bingo 🙂 it’s all up and running again. So simple 🙂 My dad is 83 and loves his kindle but £90 is a lot of money by anyones standards.

    Thank you so much you are a star

  • Jono

    Thanks for this posting. I had a similar issue since auto-update to version 4.1.3 on my Gen4 Kindle e-ink reader. The issue was the “Sign-In required” box appearing whenever I logged on to my wifi or mobile hotspot. I know the wifi did not need a browser authentication, but it persisted. When I clicked “Open browser” it took me to (I’m registered in the UK) and successfully displayed the webpage. When I went back to the Home screen and tried to sync new items, the “Sign-In required” box appeared again. Various known wifi fixes didn’t work, and the factory re-set using your method above worked until I tried to connect to wifi again, and the same issue occurred.

    Amazon support said it was not the 4.1.3 update that caused this, although 4.1.2 was working fine. They said there is a known issue with devices struggling to connect to wifithat their engineers were working on. That was rubbish, nothing to do with an issue at their end, this is n issue with the new update. I bit the bullet and Jailbroke the device and low and behold the wifi issue has gone away, and my device is happily downloading my archived items. The device would have gone to the Kindle graveyard if I hadn’t done that. The issue is some setting in the latest update, possibly to make us go buy new devices. Call me sceptical but shame on you Amazon.

  • Zoe

    Thank you soooo much!

  • Lozza

    After 2 frustrating days trying to reconnect my kindle to wifi with no luck, wouldn’t reset to factory settings either, came across your method tried it and brill all set up again . Thanks would never have found out to put reset my kindle in as password !!

  • Larry Hind

    Thank you for this, you’ve made my day!

  • victor

    Gracias! me estaba volviendo loco y no encontraba la manera… resetmykindle fue la solucion! Kindle 4 NoTouch Black

  • Damian

    Thank you very much for the post. It worked straight away. Brillant

  • Amy

    Thank you very much!!! This resolved my issue as well.

  • Roy

    Thank you so much your reset worked fine on my Kindle 4 2011 model.

    WiFi working again fine.

    Tried all the other resets and idea’s on the other net pages, over the last three hours, yours method worked fine took 1o minutes including set up again.

  • Audrey

    It works! Thank you very much for taking the time to give that tip, I was running out of ideas short of buying a new Kindle! Great job, thanks again.

  • Jac121

    Great fix worked for me when all else failed, thanks very much !

  • Caroline Toogood

    Thank you so much for the information when everthing else failed :(. But thanks to you its fix so pleased

  • Peter Poole

    Thank you so much, worked perfectly.

  • Sacha

    Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to fix my kindle for days and this is the only thing that has worked.

  • Kelvin

    Brilliant! How did you find our such a solution

  • Louise

    My saviour! thanks

  • Allan

    Thank you so much – was wondering what it might take to sort this and din’t really want to buy a new kindle.

  • Kevin

    Worked for me though I still had to put in the wifi details manually

  • Eric

    Worked for me, many thanks

  • Phil

    Hi Alex,
    Thank you so much for posting this blog!
    I had the exact same issue as you, so was very relieved to discover that my problem wasn’t unique.
    Your advice worked perfectly; Thanks to your Blog I was finally able to restore my Kindle, and now have wifi back.
    Thanks again, it’s very appreciated!

  • Mike Melling

    This worked like a charm, nothing else I had tried worked and amazon customer support told me I would have to pay a repair fee as my kindle was out of warranty, thank you so much

  • Dawn Rowley

    Brilliant thanks for posting this blog. It worked from me

  • Jesse Smith

    Sadly, this did not solve my problem.
    Before I begin: I have nothing on the Cloud.
    Recently, my Paperwhite 2nd Gen started refusing to let me delete books transferred onto kindle via USB. Whether I delete them via touchscreen command, or by going into the documents folder via USB, I delete them all – and then next time the kindle starts up, they’re back.
    Again – these are not books purchased by Amazon and stored on the Cloud. These are books whose mobi files I copied to the kindle “documents” folder via USB.
    Also, doing a “Reset” makes no changes at all. It’s supposed to erase all content, but “Reset” erases nothing.
    I tried the suggestion here about passwords … no effect.
    These are Books From Hell that Refuse to Die.
    Somewhere inside the Kindle, the software is refusing to really delete items I delete … or it’s taking an image of the disk and restoring it every time the kindle powers up.
    Amazon tech support have no clue.
    So … anybody know how to reformat a kindle and copy back the software?
    (Oh yeah – the software refuses to update, too – even when I copy the new bin to the kindle via USB.)

  • Luci

    omg it worked!!!! thank you so much i was worried i’d have to replace it, and just as my kindle fire broke too! at least i’ll have this for the summer; this is brilliant!

  • Brad Dennison

    You are a life saver! Was ready to throw it away as thought the wifi had broke and wouldn’t factory reset from menu.

    Thank you!

  • Bog off 22

    Sir you are a star. I was about to put it between two slices of bread and feed it to a Rottweiler. Thank you. Your password reset worked.

  • Wocha

    Brilliant… also went down the whole ‘how to’ road, about to fling it against the wall and buy another one. I had to use the “111222777” code – Found the wi-fi immediately after restart.
    Be aware – using this reset method wipes EVERYTHING and you basically have your kindle like when it came out the box, except mine is 4 years old and scratched and dinged.
    Customer service wanted $28.
    But it works again… life continues!

  • Andy G

    Finally managed to get the damn thing reset!! Many thanks, much appreciated!!

  • tednol

    Thank you! My girlfriend was moments away from ordering a new Kindle before I found this post.

  • Monita Her Bel

    I have the same problem!!!! Nothing works, If you have any solution, please contact me, my email is, thank you so much

  • Michael Connolly

    thank you works perfectly

  • Emma

    It worked! Thank you!!

  • yeeha, thank you kindly 🙂

  • I also thought my Kindle was going to have to be replaced, so thanks from me too!

  • Francisco Javier

    Gracias desde España, con mi kindle 4 sin WIFI y sin poder resetear desde la configuración, he podido arreglarlo todo siguiendo tus instrucciones desde el password. Mil gracias!!!

  • John Shepherd

    Thank you for posting this. Worked like a dream !

  • Dolphin Int’l Comms

    You, my friend, are a genius. I was at the end of my tether. No wifi networks detected, no amount of hard resets worked, couldn’t default to factory settings. But this did the trick. I’m eternally grateful – couldn’t do without my Kindle and I’m overseas at the moment so getting a new one would be hard. Thank you.

  • G. Cole

    Well done indeed, wifi disappeared and hard reset wouldn’t work until reading this advice. Everything seems OK now.

  • Barbara Scott

    Thank you! Amazon helpline took so long to recommend me to factory reset that I had hung up and left the house – they rang back and left a message. But then I had the same issue – factory reset was doing nothing. Your fix solved it – how did you figure it out? It’s so random. Only annoying thing is I am having to re-deliver all my books 10 at a time and they won’t go back into the collections – I’ve just deleted the collections as it was going to take forever to do it by hand. This is definitely a result of the software upgrade regardless of what they claim.

  • Niall Everitt

    THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!! It’s crazy how much googling it took to find this fix! Every other solution didn’t work!!! Thank you!

  • GrandMasterB

    Thank you so much for this. I spent SOOO many hours working on this and talking to Amazon chat support, who are completely clueless.

    My daughters Kindle is a Paperwhite 5th gen. The 111222777 was supposed to be the working method. Amazon was completely clueless and we tried that dozens of times and it didn’t work. “resetmykindle” worked perfectly!

  • Cathy Turay

    I was about to bin my Kindle but thankfully found your page and I’ve been able to do a factory reset which has resolved all of my wifi issues. Thank you soooooooo much!

  • Ricardo Reyes

    OMG. I’ve tried everything, but finally something that works. Thanks a million, pal!

  • Pat Homa Wagner

    aloha and mahalo for posting this, Alex. I just spent days researching how to connect to wifi, did several restarts and nothing changed. Called Tech support, went through two agents. 2 and 1/2 hours later I was told to do the factory restart. Nothing happened. As I was waiting I came across your page and told the agent what this said. I was told he had done all for me that he could do. Hung up and tried this. BINGO! Worked just fine. Thanks a million times over!!!

  • Anthony young

    Brilliant. Not only does wi-if work again but my kindle is now much more responsive. Many thanks.

  • Bennett Hansen

    Thank you so much! I got nowhere with Amazon support (who then tried to sell me a new Kindle), but this worked perfectly!

  • Héctor Villarroel

    Have you solved the problem yet?, I have same problem with my kindle Paperwhite