Reset to Factory Defaults won’t work on my Kindle

kindle factory reset screenMy Kindle goes with me everywhere. I spend a lot of time at work (and at home) in front of a computer, so the e-ink screen on the Kindle gives my eyes a rest when I want to read a book. However I have had to factory reset my Kindle twice in the last few months. My wifi Kindle lost it’s wifi connection- it wouldn’t see any wifi networks and didn’t show a MAC address in the settings. This meant I could read the books on it but I couldn’t add any other books or read a book on multiple devices and sync my progress.

The first time this happened I was able to do a reset to factory defaults:

Menu->Settings->Menu->Reset to factory defaults

This resolved the issue. However it happened again and this second time, I couldn’t resolve the issue by selecting “Reset to Factory Defaults” because while it would allow me to navigate to the option, and confirm that I wanted to proceed, nothing happened.

A lot of googling later, I found a passing comment on a forum thread that revealed how to solve this most irritating problem.

To solve the issue of how to reset a Kindle when the Reset to Factory Defaults doesn’t work, all you have to do is once again delve into the settings and check the box that says “device password” (it’s on page 2). Set the password to whatever you want, then put the device to sleep. On wake up enter “resetmykindle” as your password (or “111222777” on a Paperwhite from what I’ve read but I haven’t tried this myself). This will start a reset. When I did this, my wifi was working again and I was able to set up and sync the device with no issues!

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  • Anne

    Thank you so much!!!

  • Adam

    You absolute diamond! I actually had to use the 111222777 code (I guess as I have the newest firmware?) but I can finally get my Kindle back online 🙂

  • LG

    Thank you so much! I’ve been searching for ages for a solution as to why my kindle would not connect to the wifi and after a fair bit of searching finally came across this and it solved it straight away! delighted!

  • Stuart

    Thank you so much, I can confirm that your solution for the paperwhite does work. The reset option was greyed out and could not figure out how to reset. Many thanks for the information.

  • Dave

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, wish I’d read this before I bought a new kindle.

  • Jane

    What a star! I hadn’t realized lost connection until after buying several books. Having gone round in circles I was at point of considering buying new kindle. Thank you so much.

  • Claire

    I actually found this fix while I was on the phone with Amazon tech. They were ready to sell me a new one. THANK YOU.

  • Terry Brookes

    Many thanks worked perfectly.

  • Chuck

    Thanks. This worked like a charm! I, too, was contemplating having to purchase a new Kindle.

  • MS

    Thank you so much. There are so many postings about this but this was the only advice which proved helpful!

  • David P

    Great stuff. I had given up on my Kindle until I found your advice! So pleased. Thank you.

  • Hayley

    Thankyou so much! I have an old kindle with locked out parental controls and the 111222777 pass wouldnt work; but resetmykindle did! Lifesaver!!

  • Sol Decil

    worked when all else had failed! AMAZING
    Many thanks

  • Kenboon72

    Fantastic, was about to buy a new one.

    Top Teching

  • Martyn

    Couldn’t connect to the Wifi and couldn’t factory re-set. Spent ages trying to find a solution. Very nearly threw the kindle away…..until I happened upon your solution. Kindle was restored and working perfectly within 5 minutes of reading your advice!! Thank you very much.

  • Nigel

    Many thanks, this “feature” allowed me to reset my kindle when the normal factory reset failed. And once reset, my wifi was working again.

    Bloody terrible security feature to have on a device though: a default password that anyone can use to reset your device!

  • Blanka

    Finally something helpful! Thank you! It worked!

  • Heather

    You are a lifesaver! Thank you so much, I was ready to throw my Kindle out the window!

  • Simon

    You are a star, hours of my time wasted trying to get this sorted and calling Amazon and within five minutes of reading your post I am back up and running. Thank you from the bottom of my kindle.

  • Jess

    Thanks a million. It worked! Was just about to order another Kindle.

  • Ripple

    awesome fix… thx

  • Paul

    Fantastic. Seemed so implausible but after hours of trying to solve this no networks problem, having the unresponsive factory reset problem, setting the password as described solved it for me. Many thanks.

  • Maria

    Thank you so much, was losing hope!

  • Jane

    Kindle couldnt find any Wi-Fi networks and nothing happened when I selected the factory reset through the menu. This worked instantly. Thanks so much!!!

  • David

    Nice one. Thanks very much. Couldn’t find any other way of getting WiFi back into life and this worked a treat.

  • Jack

    Thanks for this fix! Had been struggling for months with a kindle with an awful battery life, lag, and was unable to connect to wifi but this info has cured it!

  • Barry

    Thanks. Looks like it’s got my kindle working again after it failed to connect to wifi, and factory reset left all my books installed and my amazon account connected. It was also running down the battery in about 18 hours, so I’ll have to wait and see if that has been fixed as well.

    Disagree with Nigel that this is a terrible security hole. When you do this it forgets all your books and forgets your amazon account, so a thief can use your device, but that’s all they can use. No worse than most other hardware that you can buy.

  • Carrie

    Genius!! Thanks. All sorted! Be interested to see if the battery lasts longer now too. Also running down after about 18 hours.

  • Gill

    solved our problem!

  • Esther

    Thanks! This did the trick!

  • Kate

    Just … THANK YOU!!!!

  • Jason

    Brilliant. Worked perfectly. Thanks

  • Amy

    Brilliant! Worked exactly, solved problem I’ve been trying to sort out for ages.

  • Derek Robinson

    Thanks so much, after struggling with my granddaughters kindle this little trick worked wonders.

  • Lainey

    Thank you so much! Finally I found the solution that works 🙂 I was really desperate – please accept my virtual thank-you hug 😀

  • Nic

    Thank you!!!!! I was so worried and about to give up hope. Thank you

  • Martin

    Thanks! This worked for me too!

  • Emma

    I noticed my battery was running out much faster, but didn’t know why. Then when I brought some new books and they wouldn’t download, it was then I realised I wasn’t able to connect the wifi. I transferred the books manually, but it was inconvenient, so I wanted a fix. I tried this as the factory reset wouldn’t work, but it hasn’t worked. I still have no wifi even though the router is on and working. Because it’s not registered to me anymore, I’m not sure if I can download books manually anymore. Any ideas?

  • Rachelle

    Thank you! YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER! I struggled to find a good site that will help me solve my problem then I found this! You’re a good person for sharing this. Thank you so much again! 🙂 🙂

  • Sue

    Thank you so much. This happened to my husbands kindle 12 months ago and now mine. We could not solve the problem 12 months ago and bought another kindle (and cover as old one did not fit!). I spent a whole day looking for a solution and now we have 3 working kindles. Thank you.

  • Iain Wilson

    You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. I thought any hope of fixing my Kindle was lost but your post has saved me. A thousand thanks.

  • Ian

    At last ….. After a long search and trying many fixes, I had given up hope of recovering my Kindle. Thank you your solution

  • e

    Ah! Thank you so much! Wish i would have stumbled across this sooner!

  • Stephen

    Thank you so much!! I thought my Kindle was dumpster bound until I read this.

  • Kieran

    Thanks so much, I have been trying to resolve this for over a year. Brilliant advice!

  • Thank you so much.
    Having gone through the hassle of rebooting the router, rebooting the Kindle and then, with some reluctance, backing up and restoring to Factory Defaults from the Settings Menu, we were very pleased to have reconnected my wife’s Kindle to Wifi. That was only 2 weeks ago and our joy was to be shortlived. When the Kindle Edition of The Guardian was unobtainable again today through lack of Wifi signal and then the Factory reset wouldn’t work, that seemed to be the end. But then one final search on Google led to your succinct solution at the very top of the list.
    I was impressed by your WordPress SEO putting your individual post ahead of the Amazon Kindle Forum and very grateful for the simple workaround.

  • Amy


  • Alex

    Thanks Keith. I think the SEO works so well as I’d spent hours myself searching for the solution and decided to try littering my post with all the search terms I used in what was a very frustrating search. As I said, I ended up finding the solution on the second or third page of a forum thread on the problem- not exactly easy to find!

    Such a shame Amazon don’t give this out as “official” advice either!

  • Alex

    Thank You so much! I’ve tried everything and I was just about to give up when I came across this advice, and it worked like a charm! Thank you

  • Andrew

    Worked like a dream. Thanks. How on earth did you figure this one out ?