Game of Thrones

Well now Sean Bean has done his turn as Lord Eddard Stark and the literate masses are consuming a massively simplified and watered down version of the series I started reading when it was A Game of Thrones back in ’96, I’m not sure I’m interested any more.

The books have gone off the boil a little since GRRM lost his way in 2000 and had to rethink the progression of the series. Originally he had decided to come back to the action 5 years later when the characters had all developed and learnt the skills necessary to fight off the white walkers but it didn’t work and so began a tortuous 11 years of rewriting the book, splitting it into 2 and generally getting sidetracked.

Sean Beans emotional bottom lip quivering Eddard Stark is a million miles away from the hard bastard of the book, most of the characters are too old and only a few have really captured their written versions. Aryia, Jamie, Sam Tarley, Syrio and Bron are all well done but Tyrion is by far the best. Unfortunately at this stage they’re mostly all secondary characters and most of the main ones are rubbish.

Oh well.

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