Failed by Failblog

When I was browsing HMV before Christmas and found one of their staff had amusing shoved an inappropriate sticker on a copy of the Human Centipede, I twitpic’d the photo from my iPhone and thought nothing of it.

It wasn’t until one of my followers mentioned that the photo had been posted on failblog that I realised how arbitrary the concept of copyright really is on the internet. I tweeted failblog, commented on my uncredited photo (they deleted the comments/didn’t pass them for moderation) and even emailed them to request that they either credited my picture or removed it. Of course they completely ignored me, which is generally how people are treated by other people in this day and age.

The photo on failblog had several thousands votes for it, which eclipsed the couple of hundred views it had on twitpic but that’s not really the point. It’s not really the point that the comments were full of general dickery (it’s a real word) either, accusing me of faking the whole thing, despite me not wanting the bloody picture there in the first place. The point is that sites like failblog are supposed to be cool but it turns out their not, they’re run by exactly the sort of low lifes who care little for anything that gets in the way of hits that generate advertising revenue that keeps them in XXXL trousers and miniature anime replica action figures.

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