Chris Grayling: nasty piece of work

220px-Chris_Grayling_Official[1]The Secretary of State for Justice has a bit of a problem. He doesn’t seem to properly comprehend the meaning of the word “justice”.

I was unfortunate enough to hear him on the radio this morning, perpetuating the myth that struggling and hard up people only ever get into financial difficulty because of the big widescreen televisions they’ve inadvisedly purchased on the never never.

Admittedly looking down from the lofty heights of his ivory tower, it is probably difficult to see with any clarity the daily travails of those struggling because they don’t earn a living wage, their benefits have been stopped due to an ATOS assessment that will be overturned like most of them are, or even that something as simple as a broken washing machine or an MOT failure can be the start of a downwards spiral of failed payments.

This isn’t really acceptable and just shows a detachment from the reality that the majority are living in. It’s not as if it’s the only brouhaha he’s involved in mind you,  cutting literacy for prisoners is particularly low and introduces another barrier for the betterment of their chances going forwards.

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