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You’ll never guess the answers to your top blogging and social media questions

How do I get more subscribers/readers to my blog? Do I need to be on Pinterest? Should I have a separate FB page for my blog? Which blogging platform is right for me? What’s Google+ and should I use it? … Continue reading

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Tad Williams to release sequel to Memory, Sorrow & Thorn!

Tad Williams wrote a trilogy of high fantasy many moons ago called Memory, Sorrow & Thorn. It started with the Dragon Bone Chair in 1998, continued with The Stone of Farewell in 1990 and concluded with one of the largest … Continue reading

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The Smircle

about to form a smircle   The other day I decided to invent a new word. The word is needed but doesn’t currently exist. So ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Smircle Basically I think we’ve needed a word to … Continue reading

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The Big Turn On #NissanLEAFcar21

When Oasis sang, She’s electric they probably didn’t think they’d see me gliding around town in the eerie silence that an electric car provides! The Nissan LEAF is a fabulous bit of kit that runs entirely on electricity. The timing … Continue reading

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Why politicians shouldn’t use Google+

“Her win was a verdict on the Government’s failing economic plan.” Oh dear. That kind of soundbite comment is easy to make on the telly or in a press release but the wonders of social media and the right to … Continue reading

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