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Under pressure: competitiveness in blogging

In the fairly meta way that blog posts are now often prompted by other blog posts and so and and so forth, I give you my response to Sally’s well thought out post on whether women should be competitive, which … Continue reading

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Blogger payment terms

This is more or less how a recent email conversation with a PR agency went for me: Can I have payment for the post I published three days ago please? Sure, send us an invoice with this reference on it, … Continue reading

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People vote to their own detriment but are unrepentant?

I recently commented on an article on the Guardian’s website, correcting their wording about Momentum seeking to shift Labour to the left, saying that I felt a better phrasing would have been shifting back to the left: The comment I … Continue reading

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God knows, the Dan Walker Breakfast backlash is misguided

Football Focus presenter Dan Walker has been appointed Bill Turnbull’s replacement on the BBC breakfast news magazine programme. We’ll miss old Bill but we all got over Suzannah Reid’s departure (more quickly than we thought too- she got more than … Continue reading

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Don’t you know who I am? (You’re a nobody, just like the rest of us)

There was a sensible blog post behind an inflammatory headline I read the other week that asked what lengths bloggers would go to in order to get free stuff. (If you haven’t clicked the link, the clickbait headline was “Do … Continue reading

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