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I’m almost at Peak Gadget

Through hard work, dedication and an element of jamminess, I think I’m approaching Peak Gadget- the position where there aren’t really any other shinies that I either want or need.

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I’m writing longer blog posts than I used to. On my main blog they rarely clock in at under 500 words now, and I’ve seen an increasing number creep over the 1,000 word mark. I thought I’d have a look … Continue reading

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Under pressure: competitiveness in blogging

In the fairly meta way that blog posts are now often prompted by other blog posts and so and and so forth, I give you my response to Sally’s well thought out post on whether women should be competitive, which … Continue reading

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Blogger payment terms

This is more or less how a recent email conversation with a PR agency went for me: Can I have payment for the post I published three days ago please? Sure, send us an invoice with this reference on it, … Continue reading

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People vote to their own detriment but are unrepentant?

I recently commented on an article on the Guardian’s website, correcting their wording about Momentum seeking to shift Labour to the left, saying that I felt a better phrasing would have been shifting back to the left: The comment I … Continue reading

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