Blogging/social media dirty tricks

There are a few twitter accounts that I follow despite myself. These individuals often have 100,000+ followers and have built up a genuinely following by the rather duplicitous method of following a lot of people, waiting for a follow back (lots of people do this almost by reflex) and then unfollowing. Rinse and repeat, and you too with a bit of work can have 100,000+ followers whilst only following a couple of thousand yourself.

Still, I don’t begrudge this sort of approach if the content is interesting and this individual shared similar interests to me but the final straw came when I read a piece on technology that seemed poorly thought out and too simplistic to be much more than either click baiting or content for the sake of it. I looked for the comment section to point out the errors in the post but there wasn’t the facility to do so. A quick exchange on Twitter basically lead me to the realisation that comments are turned off to increase social media interaction and the chap also actively encourages you to do response blog posts- effectively aiding his page ranking/domain authority by chucking him a backlink for just telling him he’s spouting nonsense. It’s all very clever and engineered to play the system (like the follow/unfollow tactic) but frankly it’s not a game I chose to play, so rather than doing I response post, I’ve just unfollowed him.

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