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Words that don’t mean “yeah”

I’ll happily admit that with predictive text and the speed at which I write, I often have a few typos in a lot of things I do. I might be 41 years old but I still haven’t quite mastered apostrophe’s … Continue reading

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The “Influencer” issue and Mafia III

Adweek ran a long article on the rise of Influencer marketing last year, as though it was a brand new concept and gave exciting/new opportunities for brands to reach out to consumers who are tired of seeing paid ads- apparently … Continue reading

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Looking at (semi) naked women in the 1980’s

I was born in 1975. That seems like an awfully long time ago now and that’s probably because it was an awfully long time ago. I’m now 41, going on 42, and spend a lot of time reminiscing about how … Continue reading

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Matched betting, how much risk free money can I make in a month from a £400 deposit?

The return you get on savings is now horrendous. This, coupled with the fact we have no short term borrowings, led me to investigate other avenues of making a bit of blogging money work for me, and I ended up … Continue reading

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Sometimes I love IT

The behemoth has been returned; the Nighthawk is gone. Whilst it was undeniably an awesome router that let all our gear fly, I’m not in a position to spend several hundred quid on a new one. I think it’s telling … Continue reading

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